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Its time to make a move scented with epic pressure diplomacy

The interim relief in Hague is not the End.  But it has given us a chance to make another move towards Islamabad. Islamabad has always done contrary actions with support of China.

New Delhi has to make Islamabad to save face on order of execution of Kulbhushan Jadhav. New Delhi should keep its pace to expose and isolate Islamabad in case of international conventions as  well as for its support for terror.

Its the time to be the Iron fist in velvet glove and make Beijing incovinient to continue provide unfit support to Islamabad not only at UN but anywhere else. New Delhi should make Islamabad deal on issues peacefully, as it is always beneficial for both the countries.


Changing sides by party leaders… Is there any compromise with Values ?

The story of Shaknarsheth Vaghela and SM Krishna tells us something about this topic. SM Krishna joined BJP in karnataka with great views of upcoming elections. Shankarsheth vaghela a former BJPian wants chief ministerial candidature in Gujarat from Congress.

There is another story of a good leader of congress in northeast, Himanta Biswa from Assam.Leaders are threatening to change their sides if their conditions are not met.
The parties like congress have weaknesses like no strategy, rudderless, chaos at ground level. And it makes the leaders demand more and more. It needs to nurture local leaders , make unity, rather than centralising the powers.

Parties should have its strong values. It should not be easy to change parties. Parties should keep its members united and values minded.

The Hindu: Held at Ransom: On the recent ransomware attack

This article talks about the menacing spread, starting last Friday, of the malicious software WannaCry, which has since infected thousands of computer system in 150 countries. Its a frightening reminder of the vulnerabilities of a connected world.

These attacks have been in nature of what called ransomware , wherein attackers demand a ransom (usually in Bitcoins, which are tougher to trace than regular currency) to decrypt  the files they have created.

The list of unsuspecting users who fell prey to the malware includes the UK’s National Health Service, German transport company Deutsche Bahn, courier delivery service company FedEx. 

Cyber threats are only likely to grow, and the world needs to push for ground rules on such issue.