Author: Pranav Datye

ICJ uphold India’s plea on Jadhav, Pakistan must grant consular access

ICJ upheld India’s plea to prevents Pakistan from carrying out the execution of Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav. Mr. Jadhav, a former naval officer from India. ICJ judges clear out that it has a complete jurisdiction over this case. The ICJ has rejected Pakistan’s objections regarding the urgency of the matter. India can enjoy the victory over issue of jurisdiction. Article I of the Optional Protocol to the Vienna Convention, which says interpretation of convention is topic having complete jurisdiction under the ICJ. Pakistan is now under an obligation to grant consular access to Mr. Jadhav.

Pakistan theoretically can ignore ICJ’s order and punish Mr. Jadhav with death sentence but Such a course of action would undermine its international credibility.

THE HINDU : Recent ransomware attacks

This article throw some light on the recent ransomware attacks in over 150 countries. It is frightening reminder of the vulnerabilities of a connected world. The cyber-attackers are who are behind this attack are yet unknown. The attacker uses Microsoft’s outdated software to remotely gain access to computers. They demand a ransom (usually in Bitcoins, which are tougher to trace than regular currency) to decrypt the files they have force-encrypted. Cyence estimates the economic damage to be $4 billion. The organisations which are affected by this virus are U.K.’s National Health Service, German transport company Deutsche Bahn, courier delivery services company FedEx and carmaker Renault. Recently Microsoft had made available a patch to remove the chinks.

WannaCry has its origins in a tool developed by the National Security Agency in the U.S. Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft, wrote on his blog that governments should treat it as “a wake-up call” and “consider the damage to civilians that comes from hoarding these vulnerabilities.”President Donald Trump’s views on this process are not clear. It is more than obvious now that cyber vulnerabilities have massive global implications.

The Hindu : On GM mustard for farms, the Centre must privilege reason over politics in taking the call

This article mainly speaks about approving transgenic mustard for environmental release. Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee(GEAC)is an Environment Ministry body that evaluates genetically modified crops. Mr. Dave is Environment Minister and current issue before him is approving transgenic mustard for environmental release and he has to decide whether to go by the expert findings of the GEAC and decide the issue on scientific merits, or opt for a replay of the Bt brinjal case.GM mustard (DMH-11) was developed by a team of scientists at Delhi University led by former vice-chancellor Deepak Pental under a government-funded project.

local crop developers may develop versions of mustard with custom traits such as higher oil content and pest resistance.GM Mustard has also gone through safety and toxicity tests (on mice) prescribed by the regulator.Many of the opponent fear that introducing genes from soil bacterium or other forms of animal life into plants will amount to playing with the natural order of plant life. Years of field tests on transgenic corn, soyabean and brinjal in other countries have shown no health risks. Farmers need technology, new knowledge and governmental support to get the best out of their seeds. This issues is to be decided on the basis of science and it will be at the mercy of political expediency.

The Hindu : Emmanuel Macron successfully overcomes the French far right’s most potent campaign

This article speaks about result and outcome from the presidential election in France. Emmanuel Macron’s decisive victory in the French presidential election. He is 39 years old and he will be France’s youngest president. He showed the world that the anti-establishment momentum that powered the victories of the Brexit camp in the U.K. and Donald Trump in the U.S. can be broken. There was a widespread dissatisfaction among votes especially among youngsters due to huge joblessness. Because of multiple terror attacks citizens are feeling insure. Marine Le Pen, Mr. Macron’s rival, tried to turn this economic and social insecurity into votes.In the end, she was defeated on a huge margin, polling roughly 34% of the vote compared to Mr. Macron’s 66%.